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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So I'm sitting here @ the DMV, a thriving microcosm of ones local society, and I'm noticing that I was the only one who has taken his hat off. I understand the beanie for your dreads and all but baseball caps should be off indoors. This is Florida. The state where I learned my manners. And this guy next to me is like 50, and has on a hat. Am I being ridiculous? I understand that society evolves and changes its norms, but some things are permanent, right?? Like the Constitution of manners or something?
Sadly, once again I realize I am not living in the 50's, never did live in them, but still miss them when I view some of the decay in the fabric of our society. End

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  1. Sadly I think once Miss Manners passed, so did all she spoke about being a kinder, gentler society. It still happens once in a while that someone will hold the door for someone else who might be entering at the same time you are, but I have seen women struggling with their arms full of either children or groceries or both sometimes and the door is one more thing she has to deal with. I try to hurry to help if I can, but hurry is not a part of my life these days. I recently saw a post from a Memorial Day parade and only one person stood for the elderly man who had been sitting in a wheel chair. I try to remind the children where I spend 15 hours a week to say thank you and please. Most of them don't until they are reminded several times. The more the world changes the happier I am that I have more days behind me than in front of me. I shudder to think of the world my grandchildren will face. Of course, it will just be their world to them and they will not realize all that there was ... they will have their own "good old days" as I do.